Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

This is going around facebook, so I thought I would post mine here too, in hopes to start up my blog again.

1. I have two kid who I love more than life itself. They both amaze me more and more each day.
2. My husband is the greatest thing in the world. I don't know how I would get through major obstacles without him. He helped me through the death of my father, when we were only dating for a couple of months. I knew the day I met him I would marry him.
3. I love to scrapbook. It's my outlet, and I get obsessed about new "toys" for it. I have more paper than I could probably use in my lifetime, but that doesn't stop me.
4. I am one of five kids, I have two brothers and two sisters, whom I love dearly. They are all in NJ.
5. I have PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, which went undiagnosed for four year, until I saw a specialist. When I saw a specialist, I was pregnant within a few month, the first month of treatment.
6. I dabble in all types of crafts. I got a sewing machine for my birthday two birthdays ago and still have not tried it out. I fear it, even though I do fantastic in all other types of crafts. I really want to learn though.
7. My daughter had brain surgery last year for a Chiari malformation. She is 100% cured now.
8. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful step-daughter. It's a term we rarely use, because of the closeness we share.
9. My son has a language delay called apraxia. It is a motor planning problem, and is being treated by therapy. There is a breakdown from his brain to his mouth, and the words come back jumbled.
10. I love living in Florida. I can't imagine ever moving back to NJ now.
11. I love Disney and being so close to it. It is so convenient to go. My husband's company is affiliated with them and we get to go for free!
12. I sometimes miss the seasons, but would be happy with a dose of each for a week and that's it. Not enough to move back to NJ for.
13. I went to school for early childhood education and am one class away from a degree. It is an internship, and something that I don't want to do until Matthew is in school.
14. I love home decorating. I can do and redo rooms all the time. I would love to repaint the living room/dining room to a deeper green and my bedroom to a brownish light cocoa. Right now it's blue, and I am bored with it.
15. I am obsessive about organizing. I think it is a close second to scrapbooking as my hobby.
16. I was such a pig growing up with my room, and am such a neat freak now. I twitch when I go past my daughter's room at times. ;)
17. I love reading thrillers. Once I start a book, if it is good, I will stay up and read it all night until I finish, which is usually 5 in the morning.
18. My favorite play is Wicked. I could watch that every weekend and never get tired of it. We have seen it twice so far, and will again when it is back in Orlando or Tampa.
19. I love being a mommy. To see my little guy smile and take in everything new around him is the greatest joy. I love teaching him about life.
20. I have a hard time letting him go. I used to cry when leaving him, which in his two and a half years I can count on two hands, but am trying to get better with it.
21. I love reconnecting with people on facebook that I haven't seen in years. It's so nice being in touch with people that meant so much, but the distance separated.
22. Although I am super anal about my house being clean, my car looks like a tornado blew through the inside of it. It is always a mess. Toys everywhere, cups, etc...
23. I am so proud of the person my daughter is becoming. She is such a caring person and has such a strong belief in God, which is such a wonderful thing. It is amazing to see her growing into a young adult and seeing which path she takes
24. The only thing that sucks about living in Florida is being so far away from family.
25. I have a terrible fear of alligators. To the point where I have night terrors about them and wake in a cold sweat. This started when I moved to Florida, and hasn't stopped.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

New Year, New Blog... Hopefully this year I can start it right and follow through with a little snippit a few times a week. I'm not going to do the daily commitment, because it puts too much pressure on me and I throw it all away then, so three times a week is my goal. Today I want to share my craft room with you...
This is my scrapdesk... I have all of my supplies right on hand and easy to reach here.

On the right side is a spice rack with brads, buttons, eyelets and other small metal embellishments. Next to it is my personal printer, which was such a great investment for me. I sort by color... Next are jars with my ribbon. On the side is my binder with my quickutz dies and clear stamps. Below my cuttlebug and pampered chef turner with all my tools in it. Sharp objects had to move higher from little hands. In the colored boxes below I have kits and accessories sorted by theme, winter spring summer fall, Matthew, Taylor, Family.

In the middle is my cricut and sizzix dies in the tower, green and yellow dies. Then of course is my workspace and the pull out tray has my paper cutters.

On the left... Sketches are in the file box and pictures are in the accordian file. the drawers are colored embellishments that don't have themes. Either kits from the store or swaps participated in. The bins hold (each one) wet adhesive, dry adhesive, and stapler type thingies (technical, I know). Below is a scrap bin and file box that has an "in progress", "to be put away" and words and phrases. Under the desk are my xyrons, other clunky equipment and two more theme boxes, vacations and Christmas. Below that is my cardstock, which is held up by a pan rack for the kitchen and smaller cardstock in the blue box.

In the cart I have (from top to bottom) writing instruments (chalk, pens, specialty markers), ink, ink and clear blocks, Coluzzle, paint, tools and other tools.

My closet... I love how organized it is... First across the entire top are other crafts, beading, scrapbooking projects, sewing, candle/soap making etc.

Left top to bottom... shelf (1) sizzlits alphas, cricut cartridges, (2) sizzix alphas, patterned paper by color, (3) accordian file with ideas two pull out kitchen carts with sizzix red dies in one and unmounted stamps in cds in the other (4) foam alpha stamps, and pull out of theme all in one kits, again labeled by the same process in the desk

Right top to bottom... shelf (1) misc crafting supplies that aren't used a lot (bottlecaps, cork, etc), on the go carrier when I want to do crafts in another room. (2) To be put away bin (which includes larger projects, sewing machine (3) Matthew;s crafts, larger pictures and school portraits. (4) ready made cards filed by theme, other crafts.

All of my scrapbooking books. I separated them by theme and put baskets so it didn't look like a book explosion. On the bottom I have magazines, which I have since covered the rack to match the room in red. 8x8 albums that I am starting soon are there. I am doing theme albums for vacations and whatnot in those.

And finally Matthew's side of the room. Right now it is train central (family was in town so we had an air mattress up there) but we do crafts in there. His table is out on the enclosed porch/Florida room now, but it may come back in.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!